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    Long Term
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    Self Employed
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    High School
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    I want someone who will build me up and encourage me in everything I do and doesn't attempt to tear me down in Life.
  • About Me:
    I am a caring and loving man and am here for good relationship, I live a rich and fulfilling life full of interesting and beautiful places and things. I love deeply and with great loyalty, I explore and adventure relentlessly. I like conversation, to read, go to movies, be romantic, the theater, the arts and be in nature. I appreciate kindness, lightheartedness and tolerance. I am extremely affectionate, gentle and tender and love long beach walks, romantic dinners, fireside, movies and other comfortable companionship. I am looking for someone to share things with along the road, dreams, hopes, and the delights of daily life. Often times, people have described me as a generous spirit; This is totally not about money as I am a very successful man- it's about laughing, being positive, being prepared to look on the bright side of any situation, being genuinely interested in what can make people around me happy and what will makes them stay happy. Doing this makes my own life more beautiful and worth living.. I start every day with a smile and always have a positive outlook on life and laughter is my secret ingredient for happiness. I am absolutely new to the online dating stuff. I agreed to give it a try after a neighbor advised me to and, knowing that he found his soul mate here on this site, I decided.. who knows, I might just find mine here too. By the way, the two of them are ridiculously in love...laughs.
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