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    I have great sense of humor and laugh at myself all the time. i would like to meet someone who is caring, sweet and loving....

    I am a very caring, friendly person open for love and serious relationship. I am also an intelligent lady with a good sense of humor. I am a joyful and have pretty emotional personality along with feelings of compassion and empathy.

    I’m very self motivated. I’m fiercely loyal to friends and, family. I’m easygoing, versatile and, love to let others just be themselves. I definitely believe that it is very important to find joy each day, as life is so fragile and, short. I have a big broad of interests from country music to art, theater, visiting museums, walking, dining out, traveling, festivals, concerts, movie and going to the beach. However I’m always open to other people’s interests. Whenever I happen to get on vacation " I love to Travel to exotic new places around the world, to explore the old and, new cultures. I also patiently seek for a genuine relationship with an amazing and, understanding man. someone who will get into me and, will let me be into him completely. I value true friendship above material things, practice it diligently and honestly, after all, it is the purest form of love and, the basis of all good relationships

    I am the type who you will find to be fun in just about any situation, one who cares about others, makes commitments, and who loves to keep in touch with his friends and family across the country. I am hoping to meet someone who will want to start by meeting for coffee, drinks, or dinner.....and see if there is chemistry. If so, great...I can't wait!!! If not, the worst that will happen is we will both make another close friend. I describe myself as adventurous and romantic, strong and gentle, playful and mature, fit, and a non-smoker. I'm fairly deep, intelligent, observant, reflective, soft-spoken, and 'sweet' (I've been told). I like the simple things in life, and I also like the nice things in life. I enjoy being relaxed and having a good time, I love to BBQ, kicking it in the backyard with cocktails and good friends. Dining out but not every night, if you can cook and like to! "bonus", if not no worries, I can and like to. I like walks in the evening, if you do I would love it even more. A movie, a fire, bottle of good wine, a big comfortable couch and a very special person to enjoy that with. I like the idea of world peace, but not at the cost of our freedoms or security, I support our troops and pray for them. I like to do lots of different and dining, exploring and day trips, hiking, sailing, movies, window shopping, fairs, social cooking, snuggling, kissing--sharing life with one special person! You will find me to be very outgoing and very easy to talk to and share life's experiences with. I am looking for someone to experience life with. To me that can include hiking in the mountains, finding out of the way places to discover, enjoying dinner in quaint places, sharing time with friends, or just hanging out together and enjoying each other's company. I want to share the world with someone I care for and see it reflected through their eyes.

    I am an active, family oriented, out going person. I am independent but would like to share the special and fun times with someone sincere, honest and caring. Travelling to discover new places and cultures. I work hard and enjoy my time off. I am a practical and realistic person with values slightly on the old fashion side. I would like to find someone who is honest. A great smile which hopefully is followed by a good sense of humor. I feel if we can't laugh at ourselves, then life is way too serious and too short. Someone who I can learn from the meaning of love. Someone who like to go out and spend time together and has various interest, Also having similar interest is great but being opposite interest is great also as that should fill in the weaknesses in each other, open each other to new ideas. I enjoy a good deep conversation about anything under the sun, going out exploring the city but also staying home and doing some gardening works. Love trying new and interesting things. Simple things shouldn't be overlooked either. Walks and talks, skipping stones and ice cream cones. I am very romantic and a true lady. I am hard working and i want to find someone to grow old with.
    I hope I could be fortunate enough to find that magical connection once more in this lifetime and enjoy the golden years together.

    I am looking for a man not a boy. I am seeking a long term relationship. I have a good head on my shoulders so should you. I have a great personality. I love to cuddle, I would rather stay in then go out to the bars and clubs that stage of my life is long gone. I may not be the hottest lady with the best body but we all cant be supermodels smile emoticon. I am looking for a man that has a good head on his shoulders, caring, loving, faithful and loves to cuddle. Pls put your email address as subject line if you are not a spam..

    Would like to find a man who believes that communication is the key to a good relationship, and is open with his feelings. I want to build our relationship on honesty, trust, and friendship. I am looking for someone who can admit when they are wrong. I want to be there for my partner when times are difficult, and know that they are there for me as well. I feel that I am what most women promise men, but I deliver. I'm a hopeless romantic who believes in candle lit rooms, snuggling during a thunderstorm, and flowers for no reason at all.

    Love is a river that is not returned, and the memory of love tears are paid !.
    Love the sea, the sky Love, love is all that people need, love the stream that flows from heaven, a kiss is a small bridge that connects two hearts .

    Firstly Age and distance is not a problem for me because all what i want is true love. I consider myself a caring & loving person. God then family come first in my life. I enjoy being around people, it's always fun to meet new people, you can never have too many friends. I had rather give than receive in anything I do. I'm looking for a man who will be there in good times and bad. At the end of each day share our thoughts and feelings about what went on that day.

    I want to meet someone who has a sense of humor and a passionate and understanding and tends to be more of a optimistically persona in building a relationship. Every woman deserves to have a man who is proudly willing to say to the whole world,"Yeah she's my one and only. She is beautiful and she is mine. A gentleman that would be an "all round good woman". By being honest, respectful, trustworthy, loyal, and romantic. I would like a gentleman that would share his life with me for fun and adventure. It would be very nice if he had a faith and enjoys the beautiful gifts God has given us in nature.

    What I am Most passionate about:

    Inspired, educated, spiritual, and gifted in the arts. I think out the box. I enjoy art and expressing all of it's dimensions. I enjoy learning about nutrition, herbs, health food, nature and all the sciences including technologies & the universe.

    Revel to network and connect with others. I'm an artist & philanthropist at heart, altruistic to the core, while inspiring others to better themselves. I enjoy expressing the mysteries of the universe and the nature of God..

    I am propitious, amiable & cordial to all who know me.

    How i like to spend my leisure Time:

    Gifted in the visual arts and well including literary arts like poetry. I like stargazing and art gazing and nature walks, traveling around..on the beach, in the city or in the woods... I enjoy trying new culinary creations and trying new cuisines. I am a big science fiction fan and I enjoy the sciences from quantum physics to astrophysics and theoretical speculations. I am an avid researcher, and an apprentice nutritionist, I love animals and am a nature Girl at heart..

    What I am looking for in a person:

    Someone who is not jealous of others, and strives to be congenial, amiable & who understanding of social openness or extraversion in others.
    Someone who strives to understand people and not box people or label people..
    Someone who loves communicating and tries to understand misgivings instead of eye for an eye..
    Communication is the key and gateway to true understand, compassion and

    I will like to know more about you,I am a kind and fun-loving person who wishes to meet someone with those same qualities. I would like someone who is passionate about life and wants to take it to it's fullest, someone who cares about other people, someone who enjoys spending time with and showing affection to their partner, someone who likes to pamper and be pampered, and someone who likes to laugh. I know these are pretty big shoes to fill, but I bet there is someone out there who can. I am a average size woman, but I am 5ft7 Caucasian / White in and carry it pretty well. I try to wear clothing that is flattering and keep myself neat and clean.I enjoy going places to see new things, traveling when I can, going dancing with a date (not into the single bar scene), watching movies, and working around the house for a few. I love my family and would like to have someone to share that with. I am single never married, with no kids but I would be willing to have some with the right person and i will want the man to be type of open minded man who will make me and my unborn kids happy. I have gone through so many hurts in my life and i think it is the right time to find a positive man again and live happy life.
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