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    I want to have a connection so deep as a friend and a lover that I could not imagine my life without this person -- timing is everything and character is so important. I think two people should share
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    Hi! Oh I guess I can't click the little button on this well I am a fun, silly, outgoing, energetic spirit who enjoys to laugh and talk and share life's wonderful experiences with the people I love. I have traveled to Europe and very much want to see more of the world. I have a passion for people, music, books, spiritual exploration, cooking, having food and travel adventures and photography. I believe strongly that you get back as much as you put out in life. I am single for the first time in a long while and though the idea is a bit daunting, I also find it exciting and look forward to meeting new people. I traveled and moved a lot as a child; this really helped to form me and my sense of adventure, always wanting to learn and try new things and to see and appreciate different points of view, and I am very grateful for that. There is always something to learn. I think flexibility too helps create tolerance as well as spontaneity. My friends and family are very important to me though some live further away than I'd like. Great cook and mixologist and I love wine. Cooking for the people I love is just the best-an expression of love I think. Whether with good friends, or dinner for two lingering at the table over candles, savoring a good meal is a sheer delight. Love the campground and hiking trail. Desire to go to India or Italy to photograph and learn. I really want to travel someplace so totally foreign that I have no chance of speaking the language or understanding, I guess I want to be a fish out of water.
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