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    I have a strong moral character and integrity. I'm a caring, honest guy who loves connecting with people, joking, cooking and having intellectual conversations, but do not take myself seriously. I like being outdoors, walking, biking and hiking. I love running and working out, politics, and satire. I treat my friends and my partner well and expect the same. I have done some work on myself emotionally, so I am looking for a woman who has a degree of emotional honesty and awareness in the relationship.

    I was a successful business manager and am now enjoying my early retirement. I have been exploring passion projects including an educational program on Organizational Development, abstract painting and researching Complexity Science.
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    I am committed to self-growth and knowledge. I am interested in what other people have to say and like to talk about many things, including politics, business, science, psychology, and the brain. I am quietly confident, kind, generous, passionate and intellectually humble. I am an understanding guy, a kind friend and a fun date.
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