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How to Love Yourself before Loving Someone Else

Find your active soul mate

The idea of loving yourself may seem like a selfish one to many people. After all we’ve been brought up in a society that constantly talks about loving others, being kind and sharing, going out of our way to help and so on. Yet, nobody really talks about loving one’s own self and being kind to yourself. This is one of the reasons why so many people are in depression and stress themselves out repeatedly. They are harder on themselves


Are You Attracting the Partner You Deserve?

Tips for long distance relatonships

We live in a world where there are more divorces than successful marriages, more break ups than happy relationships and more unhappy singles than joyful couples. We’ve traded intimacy and sharing with one partner for quickies and superficial exchanges with multiple partners. Sites like Tinder encourage quick meetups and people choose whom to go out with based on a small blurb on a website. Is it then any wonder that so many people have bitter and unfulfilled relationships? The truth