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Understanding Why You Can’t Find Your Self-Worth in Someone Else

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Self-worth, self-esteem, a sense of self, etc. are all terms used to describe a feeling that is very hard to put a finger on. Some people call it confidence, others call it courage and many call it independence. If you truly looked at it, what it all really boils down to is how much you love yourself. When growing up, it was common to judge yourself based on your grades, the number of friends you have, and so on. As


Life After a Breakup – Searching Within for the Strength to Move On

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How to deal with life after a Breakup, Finding the strength to move forward and not look back. It’s perfectly understandable if your recent break up is really taking an emotional toll on you. So much negative energy takes center stage in our lives after a break up and it can be very difficult to overcome it. However, the good news is there are ways to use your inner strength to help in the healing process so you can move