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    High School
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    I looking for the one man I feel I could spend the rest of my life with. A man that believes that you must have a trusting friendship before you can have a committed relationship
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    I am a woman that has reached a point in life that has beckoned me from an early age. Through out my life circumstances have force me to be assertive and strong willed. Not by choice but by necessity. Now I want to explore the true me, the submissive me. The key word in this profile is submissive. I am not a slave or a switch and have no desire whatsoever to become either. I do however, wish to become one man’s submissive. To be controlled but not demeaned. I have a hunger, no a need, to be dominated. I also know that I could not submit or be controlled by a man unless I was in love with that man and he was in love with me. I want to give my gift of submission to only one man for the rest of my life. I am prepared to submit in many ways to a sensual, romantic, passionate man that can make the most of my desires as well as his through control and dominance. I have a very high sex drive and enjoy receiving pleasure and much as I enjoy giving it. There are limits of course but there are bonuses too. Both can be discussed if you capture my interest.
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