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    Over 18
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    Full Time
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    looking for a partner, friend, lover and eternal companion - someone with whom to share the many great things in life. I want to find a man I can call my own and be happy again.
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    I am a woman with care and respect to people's feelings. I am straight forward and like simple thing.Thanks to today's technology as it shortens the distances between us. I like travel, and programm in the TV as it brings me to the countries when time does not allow me to be there. I like blue sky and white cloud as it gives me calm and peace. I like to have a cup of tea and light music in my balcony, enjoying the peacfull mind after work.
    I like movies as it not only let me have some feelings of people's experience in various walks of life but also gives me some kinds of fantasy.I like smile of children as they do not have hidden agenda of the adult. I admire the old couple walking in the street with their hands in hands. They support with each other without betraying their the other half. World is beautiful and full of joy and peace. I enjoy being creative, love music and dancing, reading and learning, gardening, and talking about or sharing all of these things.I want a man that will take me to the uninterrupted bliss of love and be happy again because life is only for 2
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    Sports, dance, tennis, golf, natural, pats, classic books and music, movies , theatre, traveling, walking, bawling
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